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ISS: Expedition 40

Patch ISS-40

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Besatzung, Start- und Landedaten

Nr.: 1 2 3 4 5 6
Name:  Swanson  Skworzow  Artjomjew  Surajew  Wiseman  Gerst
Vorname:  Steven Ray "Swanny"  Alexander Alexandrowitsch Jr.  Oleg Germanowitsch  Maxim Wiktorowitsch  Gregory Reid  Alexander
Position:  ISS-CDR  Bordingenieur  Bordingenieur  Bordingenieur  Bordingenieur  Bordingenieur
Raumschiff (Start):  Sojus TMA-12M  Sojus TMA-12M  Sojus TMA-12M  (Sojus TMA-13M)  (Sojus TMA-13M)  (Sojus TMA-13M)
Startdatum:  25.03.2014  25.03.2014  25.03.2014  (28.05.2014)  (28.05.2014)  (28.05.2014)
Startzeit:  21:17 UTC  21:17 UTC  21:17 UTC  UTC  UTC  UTC
Raumschiff (Landung):  (Sojus TMA-12M)  (Sojus TMA-12M)  (Sojus TMA-12M)  (Sojus TMA-13M)  (Sojus TMA-13M)  (Sojus TMA-13M)
Landezeit:  UTC  UTC  UTC  UTC  UTC  UTC


inoffizielle Ersatz-Besatzung

Nr.: 1 2 3 4 5 6
Name:  Wilmore  Samokutajew  Serowa  Schkaplerow  Cristoforetti  Virts
Vorname:  Barry Eugene "Butch"  Alexander Michailowitsch  Jelena Olegowna  Anton Nikolajewitsch  Samantha  Terry Wayne, Jr.
Position:  ISS-CDR  Bordingenieur  Bordingenieurin  Bordingenieur  Bordingenieurin  Bordingenieur
Crew ISS-40 Double

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Start vom Kosmodrom Baikonur.

Während ihres Aufenthaltes an Bord der ISS führten die Crews der Expeditionen 39 / 40 folgende wissenschaftlichen Experimente durch (vollständige Auflistung):
3D Printing In Zero-G (3D Printing In Zero-G Technology Demonstration)
3DA1 Camcorder (Panasonic 3D Camera)
ACE-M-2 (Advanced Colloids Experiment-Microscopy-2 )
ACE-M-3 (Advanced Colloids Experiment-Microscopy-3)
AES-1 (Antibiotic Effectiveness in Space-1)
AMO-TOCA (Autonomous Mission Operations TOCA Autonomous Operations Project)
AMS-02 (Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer - 02)
APEX-02-2 (Advanced Plant EXperiments-02-2)
ATOMIZATION (Detailed validation of the new atomization concept derived from drop tower experiments--Aimed at developing a turbulent atomization simulator)
Alloy Semiconductor (Crystal Growth of Alloy Semiconductor Under Microgravity)
Amine Swingbed (Amine Swingbed)
Aniso Tubule (Roles of cortical microtubules and microtubule-associated proteins in gravity-induced growth modification of plant stems)
Area PADLES (Area Passive Dosimeter for Life-Science Experiments in Space )
BASS-II (Burning and Suppression of Solids - II)
BCAT-3-4-CP (Binary Colloidal Alloy Test - 3 and 4: Critical Point)
BCAT-4-Poly (Binodal Colloidal Aggregation Test - 4: Polydispersion)
BCAT-C1 (Binary Colloidal Alloy Test - C1)
BCAT-KP (Binary Colloidal Alloy Test - Kinetics Platform)
BP Reg (A Simple In-flight Method to Test the Risk of Fainting on Return to Earth After Long-Duration Space Flights)
BRIC-18-1 (Development of Multiple Antibiotic Resistance By Opportunistic Bacterial Pathogens During Human Space Flight)
BRIC-18-2 (Mechanisms for plant adaptation to space environment)
Biochem Profile (Biochemical Profile)
Biological Rhythms 48hrs (The effect of long-term microgravity exposure on cardiac autonomic function by analyzing 48-hours electrocardiogram)
Biotube-MICRO (Biotube-Magnetophoretically Induced Curvature in Roots)
Bisphosphonates (Bisphosphonates as a Countermeasure to Space Flight Induced Bone Loss)
Body Measures (Quantification of In-Flight Physical Changes - Anthropometry and Neutral Body Posture)
CASIS PCG HDPCG-1 (Crystallization of Huntingtin Exon 1 Using Microgravity)
CASIS PCG HDPCG-2 (Advancing Membrane Protein Crystallization By Using Microgravity)
CATS (Cloud-Aerosol Transport System)
CCF (Capillary Channel Flow)
CEO (Crew Earth Observations)
CFE-2 (Capillary Flow Experiment - 2)
CPCG-HM (Commercial Protein Crystal Growth - High density protein crystal growth Modified)
CSI-06 (Commercial Generic Bioprocessing Apparatus Science Insert - 06: Ants in Space)
Cardio Ox (Defining the Relation Between Biomarkers of Oxidative and Inflammatory Stress and Atherosclerosis Risk in Astronauts During and After Long-duration Spaceflight)
Cell Mechanosensing-1 (Cell Mechanosensing-1)
Cell Mechanosensing-2 (Cell Mechanosensing-2)
Characterizing Arabidopsis Root Attractions (CARA) (Molecular Biology of Plant Development in the Space Flight Environment)
Circadian Rhythms (Circadian Rhythms)
Comm Delay Assessment (Assessing the Impact of Communication Delay on Behavioral Health and Performance: An Examination of Autonomous Operations Utilizing the International Space Station)
CsPINs (Dynamism of Auxin Efflux Facilitators, CsPINs, Responsible for Gravity-regulated Growth and Development in Cucumber)
DECLIC DSI-R (DEvice for the study of Critical LIquids and Crystallization - Directional Solidification Insert-Reflight)
DOD SPHERES-RINGS (Department of Defense Synchronized Position, Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites-RINGS)
DOSIS-3D (Dose Distribution Inside the International Space Station - 3D)
DTN (Disruption Tolerant Networking for Space Operations)
Dynamic Surf (Experimental Assessment of Dynamic Surface Deformation Effects in Transition to Oscillatory Thermo capillary Flow in Liquid Bridge of High Prandtl Number Fluid)
EPO-Demos (Education Payload Operation-Demonstrations)
Energy (Astronaut's Energy Requirements for Long-Term Space Flight)
FASTER (Facility for Absorption and Surface Tension)
FLEX-2 (Flame Extinguishment Experiment - 2)
Force Shoes (In-flight Demonstration of Portable Load Monitoring Devices-Phase I: XSENS ForceShoeTM)
Functional Task Test (Physiological Factors Contributing to Postflight Changes in Functional Performance)
Gravi-2 (Threshold Acceleration for Gravisensing - 2)
HDEV (High Definition Earth Viewing)
HREP-HICO (HICO and RAIDS Experiment Payload - Hyperspectral Imager for the Coastal Ocean)
HREP-RAIDS (HICO and RAIDS Experiment Payload - Remote Atmospheric and Ionospheric Detection System (RAIDS))
HiMassSEE (Spacecraft Single Event Environments at High Shielding Mass)
Hicari (Growth of Homogeneous SiGe Crystals in Microgravity by the TLZ Method)
Hybrid Training (Effect of the Hybrid Training Method on the Disuse Atrophy of the Musculoskeletal System of the Astronauts Staying in the International Space Station for a Long Term-initial verification in ISS)
ISERV (ISS SERVIR Environmental Research and Visualization System)
ISS Ham Radio (International Space Station Ham Radio)
ISS-RapidScat (ISS-RapidScat)
ISTAR Comm Delay Prep (ISS Testbed for Analog Research Communication Delay Preparation)
IVA Clothing Study (Intravehicular Activity Clothing Study)
Ice Crystal 2 (Crystal growth mechanisms associated with the macromolecules adsorbed at a growing interface - Microgravity effect for self-oscillatory growth - 2)
Intervertebral Disc Damage (Risk of Intervertebral Disc Damage after Prolonged Space Flight)
JAXA EPO 12 (JAXA Education Payload Observation 12)
JAXA PCG (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Protein Crystal Growth)
JAXA-Commercial (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency - Commercial Payload Program)
Journals (Behavioral Issues Associated with isolation and Confinement: Review and Analysis of Astronaut Journals)
MAXI (Monitor of All-sky X-ray Image)
MCE (Multi-mission Consolidated Equipment)
MDS (Mice Drawer System)
MVIS Controller-1 (MVIS Controller 1)
Manual Control (Assessment of Operator Proficiency Following Long-Duration Space Flight)
Micro-7 (MicroRNA Expression Profiles in Cultured Human Fibroblasts in Space)
Microbiome (Study of the Impact of Long-Term Space Travel on the Astronauts' Microbiome)
Microgravity Growth of Antibody Crystals in the Hand Held High Density Protein Crystal Growth (Microgravity Growth of Single Antibody Crystals for Structure)
Multi-Gas Monitor (Multi-Gas Monitor)
NanoRacks-Heart Flies ( Heart Effect Analysis Research Team conducting FLy Investigations and Experiments in Spaceflight)
NanoRacks-Mission Discovery (NanoRacks-Mission Discovery ISS Bio-Medical Experiments)
NanoRacks-Planet Labs-Dove (NanoRacks-Planet Labs-Dove)
OPALS (Optical PAyload for Lasercomm Science)
Ocular Health (Prospective Observational Study of Ocular Health in ISS Crews)
On-Orbit Crystals (Exploiting On-orbit Crystal properties for Structural Studies of Medically and Economically Important Targets)
PC4NC (Protein Crystals for Neutron Crystallography (PC4NC) Large volume crystal growth of Inorganic Pyrophosphatase complexes by counter-diffusion in microgravity for neutron diffraction studies. )
Plant Gravity Sensing 1 (Utilization of the micro gravity condition to examine the cellular process of formation of the gravity sensor and the molecular mechanism of gravity sensing)
Pro K (Dietary Intake Can Predict and Protect Against Changes in Bone Metabolism during Spaceflight and Recovery)
Protein Crystallography (Crystallization of Medically Relevant Proteins Using Microgravity)
RRM-Phase 2 (Robotic Refueling Mission Phase 2)
Radi-N2 (Radi-N2 Neutron Field Study)
Radiation Environment Monitor (Radiation Environment Monitor)
Reaction Self Test (Psychomotor Vigilance Self Test on the International Space Station)
Repository (National Aeronautics and Space Administration Biological Specimen Repository)
Resist Tubule (Mechanisms of Gravity Resistance in Plants From Signal Transformation and Transduction to Response)
Reversible Figures (Perspective Reversible Figures in Microgravity)
Robonaut (Robonaut)
Rodent Research-1 (Rodent Research Hardware and Operations Validation)
Rodent Research-1 (CASIS) (Muscle Atrophy of Muscle Sparing in Transgenic Mice)
SCAN Testbed (Space Communications and Navigation Testbed)
SEDA-AP (Space Environment Data Acquisition Equipment - Attached Payload)
SMILES (Superconducting Submillimeter-Wave Limb-Emission Sounder)
SNFM (Serial Network Flow Monitor)
SPHERES-VERTIGO (Synchronized Position, Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites - VERTIGO)
SPHERES-Zero-Robotics (Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites-Zero-Robotics)
STP-H4-ATT (Space Test Program-Houston 4-Active Thermal Tile)
STP-H4-FireStation (Space Test Program-Houston 4-FireStation)
STP-H4-GLADIS (Space Test Program - Houston 4 - Global Awareness Data-Exfiltration International Satellite)
STP-H4-ISE 2.0 (Space Test Program-Houston 4-ISS SpaceCube Experiment 2.0)
STP-H4-MARS (Space Test Program-H4-Miniature Array of Radiation Sensors)
STP-H4-SWATS (Space Test Program-Houston 4- Small Wind and Temperature Spectrometer)
Salivary Markers (The Effects of Long-Term Exposure to Microgravity on Salivary Markers of Innate Immunity)
Sally Ride EarthKAM (Sally Ride Earth Knowledge Acquired by Middle School Students)
Seedling Growth-1 (Seedling Growth-1)
Seedling Growth-2 (Seedling Growth-2)
Skin-B (Skin-B)
Solar-SOLACES (Sun Monitoring on the External Payload Facility of Columbus - SOLar Auto-Calibrating EUV/UV Spectrophotometers)
Solar-SOLSPEC (Sun Monitoring on the External Payload Facility of Columbus -Sun Monitoring on the External Payload Facility of Columbus -SOLar SPECtral Irradiance Measurements)
Soret-Facet (Study on Soret effect (thermal diffusion process) for the mixed solution by the in-situ observation technique facilitated at SCOF)
Space Headaches (Space Headaches)
Space Pup (Effect of space environment on mammalian reproduction)
SpinSat (SpinSat)
Spinal Ultrasound (Sonographic Astronaut Vertebral Examination)
Sprint (Integrated Resistance and Aerobic Training Study)
Stem Cells (Study on the Effect of Space Environment to Embryonic Stem Cells to Their Development)
Story Time From Space (Story Time From Space)
T-Cell Act in Aging (T-Cell Activation in Aging)
V-C REFLEX (Plastic alteration of vestibulo-cardiovascular reflex and its countermeasure)
VIABLE ISS (eValuatIon And monitoring of microBiofiLms insidE International Space Station)
Veg-01 (Veggie Hardware Validation Test)
Vessel ID System (Vessel ID System)
Windows on Earth (Windows on Earth)
Zebrafish Muscle (TBD) (Effects of the gravity on maintenance of muscle mass in zebrafish)


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