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The Netherlands

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Personal data

Birthdate:  05.10.1958
Birthplace:  Amsterdam
Marital status:  married
Children:  four
Selection date:  05.10.1998
Selection group:  EAC
Position:  LS / PSP / Test Cosmonaut (TC)
Status:  active


No. Mission Position Time Duration
1  Soyuz TMA-4 / Soyuz TMA-3  Flight Engineer  19.04.2004 - 30.04.2004 10d 20h 52m 
2  Soyuz TMA-03M / ISS-30 / ISS-31  Flight Engineer  21.12.2011 - 01.07.2012 192d 18h 58m 
Total  203d 15h 50m 

Backup assignments

No. Mission Position
1  Soyuz TMA-3  Flight Engineer
2  Soyuz TMA-15  Flight Engineer
3  Soyuz TMA-02M  Flight Engineer

Additional information

Doctorate of medicine degree from the University of Amsterdam, 1987; since 1991 until his selection for ESA-Astronaut Program he was project researcher of human medicine at ESA; hobbies: scuba diving, skiing, flying, history, travelling; candidate payload specialist for Neurolab / STS-90, September 1995; nominated by ESA as a payload specialist for STS-107, but due to (possible political) unknown reasons, Ilan Ramon was selected by NASA, May 1997; backup for Pedro Duque (Soyuz TMA-3); since October 01, 2004 part-time professor spaceflight and medical science at the Free University of Amsterdam; has begun ISS Expedition crew training as a backup crewmember to Canadian astronaut Robert Thirsk for the first Canadian ISS increment (second part of 2005); backup for Frank De Winne in the backup crew of ISS Expedition 20/21 (Soyuz TMA-15) starting in 2007; assigned as a flight engineer to ISS Expedition 30/31 (Soyuz TMA-03M) on August 5, 2009. In preparation for this mission he was a member of the backup crew of Soyuz TMA-02M as a backup for Satoshi Furukawa.

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