Human Spaceflights

International Flight No. 50

Soyuz 15



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Launch, orbit and landing data

Launch date:  26.08.1974
Launch time:  19:58 UTC
Launch site:  Baikonur
Launch pad:  1
Altitude:  193,4 - 235,2 km
Inclination:  51,62°
Landing date:  28.08.1974
Landing time:  20:10 UTC
Landing site:  48 km SW of Tselinograd

walkout photo

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alternate crew photo

alternate crew photo


No.   Surname Given names Position Flight No. Duration Orbits
1  Sarafanov  Gennadi Vasiliyevich  Commander 1 2d 00h 12m  32 
2  Dyomin  Lev Stepanovich  Flight Engineer 1 2d 00h 12m  32 

Crew seating arrangement

1  Sarafanov
2  Dyomin
1  Sarafanov
2  Dyomin

Animations: Soyuz

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1st Double Crew

No.   Surname Given names Position
1  Volynov  Boris Valentinovich  Commander
2  Zholobov  Vitali Mikhailovich  Flight Engineer

2nd Double Crew

No.   Surname Given names Position
1  Zudov  Vyacheslav Dmitriyevich  Commander
2  Rozhdestvensky  Valeri Iliych  Flight Engineer

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Launch from the Baikonur Cosmodrome; landing 48 km southwest of Tselinograd.

Soyuz 15 was to conduct the second phase of manned operations aboard the Salyut 3 military space station.

The spacecraft arrived at the Salyut 3 space station successfully, but the cosmonauts were unable to dock, because of a fault in the automated docking-system (Igla). The Soyuz spacecraft had no reserves or backup systems for repeated manual docking attempts, so the mission had to be abandoned. Later on the state commission discovered that the Igla docking system of the Soyuz needed serious modification. This could not be completed before Salyut 3 decayed.



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