ESA group 1

Date of selection:     18. May 1978

ESA astronaut group 1

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No. Name Nation Profession Age Retirement Age
01 Ulf D. Merbold Germany Physicist 36 30.08.1998 57
02 Claude Nicollier Switzerland Physicist 33 ??.03.2007 62
03 Wubbo J. Ockels Netherlands Physicist 31 ??.??.1994 47

Start training:
18.05.1978 Merbold, Nicollier, Ockels (Spacelab training)
??.08.1980 Nicollier, Ockels (NASA training as MSP)
??.08.1981 Nicollier, Ockels (NASA training as MSP)
??.09.1982 Merbold, Ockels (Spacelab training)
The NASA declined in 1980 a training as MSP of Merbold for healthy reasons. Early 1982 Merbold and Ockels continued the Spacelab training in Huntsville, while Nicollier should be trained as MSP in Houston for the EOM-Mission. Spacelab selected Merbold, Ockels to take parth at D-1.


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