Cancelled Spaceflights

Soyuz 2


Planning data

Launch date (planned):  April 1967


No.   Surname Given names Position
1  Bykovsky  Valeri Fyodorovich  Commander
2  Khrunov  Yevgeni Vasiliyevich  Flight Engineer
3  Yeliseyev  Aleksei Stanislavovich  Research Engineer

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Backup Crew

No.   Surname Given names Position
1  Gorbatko  Viktor Vasiliyevich  Commander
2  Kubasov  Valeri Nikolayevich  Flight Engineer
3  Nikolayev  Andriyan Grigoriyevich  Research Engineer

Mission objectives

A docking and crew transfer (Yevgeni Khrunov and Aleksei Yeliseyev) with Soyuz 1 was planned. The launch of Soyuz 2 was cancelled due to heavy rain at the cosmodrome (offical Soviet version). But it seems that the problems which Soyuz 1 experienced in orbit (one solar panel not deploying, spacecraft not stable) also played a major role in the decision.


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