Human Spaceflights

International Flight No. 285

Shenzhou IX

People's Republic of China

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Launch, orbit and landing data

Launch date:  16.06.2012
Launch time:  10:37 UTC
Launch site:  Jiuquan Satellite Launching Center
Launch pad:  1
Altitude:  200 - 330 km
Inclination:  42,836°
Docking Tiangong-1:  18.06.2012, 06:07:05 UTC
Undocking Tiangong-1:  28.06.2012, 01:22 UTC
Landing date:  29.06.2012
Landing time:  02:02 UTC
Landing site:  42.263327° N, 111.278869° E

walkout photo

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alternate crew photo

alternate crew photo

alternate crew photo

alternate crew photo


No.   Surname Given names Position Flight No. Duration Orbits
1  Jing  Haipeng  Commander 2 12d 15h 25m  198 
2  Liu  Wang  Operator 1 12d 15h 25m  198 
3  Liu  Yang  Operator 1 12d 15h 25m  198 

Crew seating arrangement

1  Jing
2  Liu
3  Liu
1  Jing
2  Liu
3  Liu

Double Crew

No.   Surname Given names Position
1  Nie  Haisheng  Commander
2  Zhang  Xiaoguan  Operator
3  Wang  Yaping  Operator


Launch from Jiuquan Satellite Launching Center; landing in Inner Mongolia; fourth Chinese manned spaceflight.

Following a two days solo flight Shenzhou IX docked automatic with the Chinese space station Tiangong-1. Two hours later the crew entered the station for the first time.

On June 24, 2012 the astronauts temporarily departed their quarters inside the orbiting Tiangong-1 space lab, backing away inside a Shenzhou spacecraft before pilot Liu Wang took control of the capsule to complete the first manual docking in China's burgeoning space program. Docking occurred at 04:48 UTC.

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