Movie Actor Selection

Date of selection:     22. December 1997

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No. Name Profession Age Retirement Age
01 Vladimir A. Steklov Actor 48 15.03.2000 52

About 15 national wellknown actors/actresses try to get the leading parts of Yuri Kara's movie "Tavro Kassandry", but only there was 1997 medical accepted by GMK (Vladimir Steklov, Olga Kabo and Nataliya Gromushkina). Because lack of founds Steklov was the only one who's later graduated a 900 hrs. basic cosmonaut training course.
Cosmonaut training:
07.06.1999 Steklov (two sessions: June/July 1999 and September/October 1999)
OKP examination (presumable only a check):
24.01.2000 Steklov


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