Dafydd Rhys "Dave" Williams

 Total EVAs:  3
 Total EVA time:  17h 47m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  11.08.2007  R. Mastracchio  6h 17m
Removing locks from the S5 that secure it during launch and lock it in place, relocating a radiator from its launch position to the bottom of the S5 to provide clearance for solar arrays to track the sun.
 2  13.08.2007  R. Mastracchio  6h 28m
Moving a failed control moment gyroscope (CMG-3) to an unpressurized platform that holds spare parts outside the station called External Stowage Platform–2 (ESP-2), a new platform, ESP-3, was added to the station (stored inside ESP-3 is a new gyro that the spacewalkers used to replace the failed one), disconnecting ESP-3 power cables to prepare it for permanent relocation to the station
 3  18.08.2007  C. Anderson  5h 02m
Installing support equipment on the S1 truss that will allow for an addition to the inspection boom during the STS-123 mission, and installing a system to provide better wireless video coverage during future missions

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