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Anton Nikolayevich Shkaplerov

 Total EVAs:  2
 Total EVA time:  14h 28m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  16.02.2012  O. Kononenko  6h 15m
The tasks included: space crane Strela 1 relocation from DC1 to MRM2, using Strela 2, jettison MLI (Multi-Layer Insulation) cover, installing the Strela 1 on MRM2 (to aid future EVAs), stowing Strela 2 at DC1, installing the Vinoslivost Materials Sample Experiment on the DC1, taking a sample from the MLI insulation of the SM to look for any signs of living organisms and collecting one (of two planned) samples from the "Test" experiment.
 2  02.02.2018  A. Misurkin  8h 13m
The primary objectives during the spacewalk were to remove and jettison the ShA-317A-II radio receiver for the "Lira" high-gain communications antenna on the Zvezda service module and install an upgraded electronics box to communication between Russian flight controllers and the Russian modules of the orbital outpost. Next they retrieved the experiments "Biorisk" and "Test" from the module Pirs. The cosmonauts also took detailed photos of the exterior of the Russian modules, especially a material experiment container.

Russia and the U.S. define EVA differently. Russian cosmonauts are said to perform EVA any time they are in vacuum in a space suit. A U.S. astronaut must have at least his head outside his spacecraft before he is said to perform an EVA.
In this table, we apply the Russian definition to Russian EVAs, and the U.S. definition to U.S.EVAs.