Gennadi Ivanovich Padalka

 Total EVAs:  8
 Total EVA time:  37h 55m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  10.11.1998  S. Avdeyev  5h 54m
Mounting tools, deploying Sputnik-41
 2  24.06.2004  M. Fincke  0h 14m
Abort of a planned six-hour spacewalk
 3  30.06.2004  M. Fincke  5h 40m
Installing a new circuit breaker to restore power to one of four gyroscopes that help orient the complex
 4  03.08.2004  M. Fincke  4h 30m
Replacing several materials exposure experiment packages and a thruster contamination monitor, installing reflectors and communications equipment needed for the docking of a new European Space Agency cargo ship
 5  03.09.2004  M. Fincke  5h 21m
Installing three antennas on the exterior of the Zvezda Service Module that will aid the automated docking of a new Station supply craft, the European Automated Transfer Vehicle; replacing of a pump panel on the Zarya module; installation of guides for spacesuit tethers on Zarya handrails; installation of handrail covers near the Pirs Docking Compartment hatch
 6  05.06.2009  M. Barratt  4h 54m
Preparing Pirs for the arrival of a new Russian module called the Mini-Research Module 2, or MRM2
 7  20.08.2012  Y. Malenchenko  5h 51m
The cosmonauts moved a Strela-2 cargo boom from the Pirs docking compartment to the Zarya module. This allows Pirs to be undocked at a later date making room for the new Russian multipurpose laboratory. Other tasks included releasing a small satellite and installing debris shields.
 8  10.08.2015  M. Korniyenko  5h 31m
They left the Pirs docking compartment in their Russian Orlan spacesuits for a photographic inspection of the station's Russian segment, retrieval of an experiment, window cleaning and surface sampling.

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