Yuri Ivanovich Onufriyenko

 Total EVAs:  8
 Total EVA time:  42h 33m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  15.03.1996  Y. Usachyov  5h 52m
Mounting the second Strela cran on MIR
 2  20.05.1996  Y. Usachyov  5h 20m
New setting of a solar cell from DM to Kvant1
 3  24.05.1996  Y. Usachyov  5h 43m
Installation solar cell on Kvant1 module
 4  30.05.1996  Y. Usachyov  4h 20m
Mounting tools on Priroda module
 5  06.06.1996  Y. Usachyov  3h 34m
Mounting and exchanging tools on Spektr module
 6  13.06.1996  Y. Usachyov  5h 42m
Mounting power bus structure on Kvant1 module
 7  14.01.2002  C. Walz  6h 03m
Moving a Strela cargo crane and install an amateur radio antenna
 8  25.01.2002  D. Bursch  5h 59m
Installing six thruster deflectors at the rear of the Zvezda Service Module, retrieving and replacing a device to measure material from the thrusters and installing a ham radio antenna and its cabling

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