Oleg Valeriyevich Kotov

 Total EVAs:  6
 Total EVA time:  36h 52m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  30.05.2007  F. Yurchikhin  5h 25m
Installing orbital debris protection panels on the Zvezda Service Module and replacing experiments on the hull of Zvezda
 2  06.06.2007  F. Yurchikhin  5h 38m
Installing a section of Ethernet cable on the Zarya module, installing additional Service Module Debris Protection (SMDP) panels on Zvezda, and deploying a Russian scientific experiment
 3  14.01.2010  M. Surayev  5h 44m
Preparing the Mini-Research Module 2, known as Poisk, for future Russian vehicle dockings.
 4  09.11.2013  S. Ryazansky  5h 50m
The cosmonauts carried the Olympic torch when they venture outside the International Space Station. After the photo opportunity, they prepared a pointing platform on the hull of the station's Zvezda service module for the installation of a high resolution camera system in December 2013, relocate of a foot restraint for use on future spacewalks and deactivate an experiment package.
 5  27.12.2013  S. Ryazansky  8h 07m
The cosmonauts attempted to install a pair of cameras on the Zvezda Service Module as part of a Canadian commercial endeavor designed to downlink Earth observation imagery and to refresh experiments.
 6  27.01.2014  S. Ryazansky  6h 08m
Reinstalling a pair of high-fidelity cameras as part of a commercial endeavor between a Canadian firm and the Russian Federal Space Agency.

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