Vladimir Nikolayevich Dezhurov

 Total EVAs:  7
 Total EVA time:  37h 02m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  12.05.1995  G. Strekalov  6h 15m
Preparation work for new setting of solar cells
 2  17.05.1995  G. Strekalov  6h 52m
Changing Kristall solar cell to Kvant1 module
 3  22.05.1995  G. Strekalov  5h 15m
Folding of the second Kristall solar cell
 4  08.10.2001  M. Tyurin  4h 58m
Using first time the new Russian built airlock and docking port named Pirs, which docked on the Zvezda module since September 2001
 5  15.10.2001  M. Tyurin  5h 52m
Mounting a variety of instruments outside the Zvezda service module
 6  12.11.2001  F. Culbertson  5h 04m
Connecting seven cables between Zvezda service module and Pirs docking module and take photos
 7  03.12.2001  M. Tyurin  2h 46m
Cutting away a rubbery O-ring seal that was preventing an unmanned cargo freighter from properly docking to the complex

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