Sergei Vasiliyevich Avdeyev

 Total EVAs:  8
 Total EVA time:  41h 00m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  03.09.1992  A. Soloviyov  3h 56m
Preparing VDU-mounting
 2  07.09.1992  A. Soloviyov  5h 08m
VDU mounting re-hoisting the state banner
 3  11.09.1992  A. Soloviyov  5h 44m
VDU-mounting, tearing out the VDU
 4  15.09.1992  A. Soloviyov  3h 33m
Mounting a Kurs antenna on Kristall-module
 5  20.10.1995  T. Reiter  5h 16m
Mounting and recovery of experiments
 6  10.11.1998  G. Padalka  5h 54m
Mounting tools, deploying Sputnik-41
 7  23.07.1999  V. Afanasiyev  6h 07m
Mounting parabol antenna on Sofora
 8  28.07.1999  V. Afanasiyev  5h 22m
Unfolding parabol antenna on Sofora

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