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Oleg Germanovich Artemyev

 Total EVAs:  3
 Total EVA time:  20h 20m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  19.06.2014  A. Skvortsov  7h 23m
The cosmonauts installed an automated phased antenna array (AFAR). They also relocated a part of the Obstanovka experiment. Other tasks included verifying the correct installation of the universal work platform (URM-D), taking samples from one of Zvezda's windows, and jettisoning an experiment frame.
 2  18.08.2014  A. Skvortsov  5h 11m
The cosmonauts deployed a nanosatellite, installed two experiment packages (EXPOSE-R and Plume Impingement Deposit Monitoring) and retrieved others (CKK#1, Vinoslivosk and Biorisk). In addition they installed holder on Automatic Phased Array (AFAR) antenna, took surface samples from a window on Zvezda and photographed Multi-Layer Insulation from the exterior of the Russian ISS segment.
 3  15.08.2018  S. Prokopyev  7h 46m
The duo released four tiny satellites into Earth orbit, installed antennas and cables on the Zvezda service module and retrieved experiments that analyzed external station surfaces and observed plasma waves, and installed an experiment called Icarus onto the Russian segment of the space station.

Russia and the U.S. define EVA differently. Russian cosmonauts are said to perform EVA any time they are in vacuum in a space suit. A U.S. astronaut must have at least his head outside his spacecraft before he is said to perform an EVA.
In this table, we apply the Russian definition to Russian EVAs, and the U.S. definition to U.S.EVAs.