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David Alexander Wolf

 Total EVAs:  7
 Total EVA time:  41h 57m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  14.01.1998  A. Soloviyov  3h 52m
Testing tools, inspection of complete MIR station
 2  10.10.2002  P. Sellers  7h 01m
Hooking up power, data and fluid connections between the S0 truss and the newly installed S1
 3  12.10.2002  P. Sellers  6h 04m
Installing a video camera on the hull of the Unity node; connecting fluid lines leading to the S1's ammonia tank assembly; finish removing launch locks holding the CETA cart in place; installing 25 of 31 "spool positioning devices"
 4  14.10.2002  P. Sellers  6h 36m
Performing some final outfitting and configuring of the new S1 truss and free a stuck bolt on the station's mobile railcar
 5  18.07.2009  T. Kopra  5h 32m
Prepare connecting mechanisms for Kibo and the exposed facility.
 6  20.07.2009  T. Marshburn  6h 53m
Transport of spare parts from a cargo carrier to a stowage platform on the station's truss. They also relocated a grapple bar onto an ammonia tank assembly as a get-ahead for the STS-129 mission.
 7  22.09.2009  C. Cassidy  5h 59m
Preparing the exposed facility for experiment transfers and replace two out of the six batteries (four were planned) on the port side truss where they are housed to provide power for the truss.