Jeffrey Nels Williams

 Total EVAs:  3
 Total EVA time:  19h 09m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  22.05.2000  J. Voss  6h 44m
Finishing crane mounting, repairing works
 2  01.06.2006  P. Vinogradov  6h 31m
Installing a new hydrogen vent valve on the hull of the Zvezda Service Module to bypass a similar valve that is clogged; recovering a thruster residue collection device from Zvezda, retrieving a contamination monitoring device and a package of biology experiments and reposition a cable for a navigation antenna on the aft end of Zvezda; replacing a camera on the station's Mobile Base System
 3  03.08.2006  T. Reiter  5h 54m
Installing items of hardware in preparation for future ISS assembly work and set up for deployment a number of instruments and experiments mounted on the outside of the station

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