Heidemarie Martha Stefanyshyn-Piper

 Total EVAs:  5
 Total EVA time:  33h 42m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  12.09.2006  J. Tanner  6h 26m
Installation of power and data cables between the P1 and P3/P4 structures in preparation for solar array deployment
 2  15.09.2006  J. Tanner  6h 42m
Performing final tasks required for activation of the Solar Alpha Rotary Joint (SARJ); they also prepared the P3/P4 truss and its solar arrays for operation by setting the stage for deployment of the truss' radiator
 3  18.11.2008  S. Bowen  6h 52m
Replacing a depleted nitrogen tank and a device used to help the flow of coolant from the truss. They also removed thermal covers from the Japanese Kibo module to inspect the berthing mechanism where the module's exposed facility will be installed during the STS-127 mission in 2009. They also started inspecting, cleaning and lubricating the starboard SARJ and begin replacing 11 of 12 trundle bearings.
 4  20.11.2008  R. Kimbrough  6h 45m
Relocating two equipment carts, setting the stage for the installation of the starboard S6 truss. They also lubricated the end effector of the Canadarm2. They also continued lubricating the starboard SARJ and replacing trundle bearings.
 5  22.11.2008  S. Bowen  6h 57m
Completing starboard SARJ cleaning, lubricating and trundle bearing work.

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