Piers John Sellers

 Total EVAs:  6
 Total EVA time:  41h 10m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  10.10.2002  D. Wolf  7h 01m
Hooking up power, data and fluid connections between the S0 truss and the newly installed S1
 2  12.10.2002  D. Wolf  6h 04m
Installing a video camera on the hull of the Unity node; connecting fluid lines leading to the S1's ammonia tank assembly; finish removing launch locks holding the CETA cart in place; installing 25 of 31 "spool positioning devices"
 3  14.10.2002  D. Wolf  6h 36m
Performing some final outfitting and configuring of the new S1 truss and free a stuck bolt on the station's mobile railcar
 4  08.07.2006  M. Fossum  7h 31m
Maintenance on the station’s mobile transporter and a test of astronaut movement on the end of the robotic arm boom extension for possible heat shield repairs during future flights
 5  10.07.2006  M. Fossum  6h 47m
Installation of a spare thermal control system pump on to the outside of the Quest Airlock; replacement of reel assembly for a cable that provides power and data to the station’s mobile transporter
 6  12.07.2006  M. Fossum  7h 11m
Demonstration of on-orbit heat shield repair techniques

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