Robert Lee, Jr. "Bobby" Satcher

 Total EVAs:  2
 Total EVA time:  12h 19m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  19.11.2009  M. Foreman  6h 37m
Installing a spare antenna on the station's truss, or backbone, and a bracket for ammonia lines on the Unity module. They lubricated the grapple mechanism on the Payload Orbital Replacement Unit Attachment Device on the Mobile Base System and lubricated the snares of the hand of the station's Japanese robotic arm.
 2  23.11.2009  R. Bresnik  5h 42m
Installing a new oxygen tank on the Quest airlock and the next set of the "Materials on International Space Station Experiment," known as MISSE-7A and 7B, on ELC-2. They worked the heater cables on a docking adapter in advance of the Tranquility node's installation on Unity's port side and deployed another cargo platform on the truss.

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