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James Francis II "J.R." Reilly

 Total EVAs:  5
 Total EVA time:  30h 39m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  15.07.2001  M. Gernhardt  5h 59m
Installing Joint Airlock Module ("Quest") and attaching two high-pressure oxygen tanks
 2  17.07.2001  M. Gernhardt  6h 26m
Mounting one oxygen and one nitrogen tank
 3  21.07.2001  M. Gernhardt  4h 01m
Attaching the final nitrogen tank
 4  11.06.2007  D. Olivas  6h 15m
Hooking up power cables to begin activation of the S3/S4 truss and starting to prepare the Solar Alpha Rotary Joint, also known as the SARJ, for activation
 5  15.06.2007  D. Olivas  7h 58m
Finishing removing the SARJ's launch locks and restraints so that it can be activated and repairing of the Shuttle's heat shield