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Richard Alan "Rick" Mastracchio

 Total EVAs:  9
 Total EVA time:  53h 04m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  11.08.2007  D. Williams  6h 17m
Removing locks from the S5 that secure it during launch and lock it in place, relocating a radiator from its launch position to the bottom of the S5 to provide clearance for solar arrays to track the sun.
 2  13.08.2007  D. Williams  6h 28m
Moving a failed control moment gyroscope (CMG-3) to ESP-2, a new platform, ESP-3, was added to the station, disconnecting ESP-3 power cables to prepare it for permanent relocation to the station
 3  15.08.2007  C. Anderson  5h 28m
Preparing for the relocation of the P6 truss segment on the STS-120 mission, moving two equipment carts from the right to left side of the station and relocating an antenna and upgrade avionics and communication systems.
 4  09.04.2010  C. Anderson  6h 27m
The crew inside removed a new ammonia tank from shuttle's payload bay and temporarily stowed it on the station. Next, the pair installed a grapple bar to the new ammonia tank on the station's truss. The pair also replaced a failed gyroscope that is part of the station's navigation system.
 5  11.04.2010  C. Anderson  7h 26m
The astronauts removed the empty ammonia tank from the station's truss and temporarily stowed it on an equipment cart. The new tank then was installed and connected to the truss for use.
 6  13.04.2010  C. Anderson  6h 24m
First they finished the complicated change out of the large ammonia tank assembly. The spacewalkers also removed the grapple bar from the old ammonia tank and stowed it on a spare parts platform.
 7  21.12.2013  M. Hopkins  5h 28m
The EVA mainly focused on disconnecting the failed loop A pump module from its location on the Starboard 1 (S1) Truss - including the infamously difficult ammonia disconnections.
 8  24.12.2013  M. Hopkins  7h 30m
They removed a spare pump module from the ESP-3 and installed it on the Starboard 1 (S1) Truss.
 9  23.04.2014  S. Swanson  1h 36m
The astronauts replaced a backup multiplexer-demultiplexer (MDM) that failed during routine testing April 11, 2014.