Richard Michael Linnehan

 Total EVAs:  6
 Total EVA time:  42h 11m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  04.03.2002  J. Grunsfeld  7h 01m
Installing a new generation solar array on the starboard side of the HST
 2  06.03.2002  J. Grunsfeld  6h 48m
Replaceing the Power Control Unit (PCU), the "electrical heart" of the HST
 3  08.03.2002  J. Grunsfeld  7h 20m
Installing the experimental cooling system (Cryo Cooler), replacing the solid nitrogen cooler of NICMOS
 4  14.03.2008  G. Reisman  7h 01m
Preparing the JEM ELM PS for its removal from the shuttle's payload bay. Later that day, the Japanese facility was installed on top of the Harmony module.
 5  16.03.2008  M. Foreman  7h 08m
Assembling Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator (SPDM), named Dextre by removing covers and installing arm components on its main body.
 6  17.03.2008  R. Behnken  6h 53m
Completing Dextre assembly by installing a tool platform and tool holster assembly.

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