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Edward Michael "Mike" Fincke

 Total EVAs:  9
 Total EVA time:  48h 36m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  24.06.2004  G. Padalka  0h 13m
Abort of a planned six-hour spacewalk
 2  30.06.2004  G. Padalka  5h 40m
Installing a new circuit breaker to restore power to one of four gyroscopes that help to orient the complex
 3  03.08.2004  G. Padalka  4h 30m
Replacing several materials exposure experiment packages and a thruster contamination monitor, installing reflectors and communications equipment needed for the docking of a new European Space Agency cargo ship
 4  03.09.2004  G. Padalka  5h 21m
Installing three antennas on the exterior of the Zvezda Service Module; replacing of a pump panel on the Zarya module; installation of guides for spacesuit tethers on Zarya handrails
 5  23.12.2008  Y. Lonchakov  5h 38m
Deploying and retrieve several Russian experiments on the station's exterior and installing a device to measure electromagnetic forces imparted on station hardware as the complex moves through low Earth orbit
 6  10.03.2009  Y. Lonchakov  4h 49m
Installing of EXPOSE-R, a European experiment that exposes seeds and spores to the space environment
 7  22.05.2011  A. Feustel  8h 07m
The astronauts refilled radiators with ammonia. They also completed venting the early ammonia system, lubricated a left-side solar joint and parts of Dextre.
 8  25.05.2011  A. Feustel  6h 54m
Installing a grapple on the Zarya module to support robotic operations based from the Russian segment.
 9  27.05.2011  G. Chamitoff  7h 24m
They stowed the shuttle's boom on the right-side truss, retrieved the grapple from the station's left-side truss. They then released restraints from one of the arms on Dextre.