Robert Lee, Jr. Curbeam

 Total EVAs:  7
 Total EVA time:  45h 33m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  10.02.2001  T. Jones  7h 33m
Installing the Destiny lab
 2  12.02.2001  T. Jones  6h 50m
Completing installation of the Power and Data Grapple Fixture on the Destiny lab and connecting a shuttle docking part (PMA) from Z1 truss to the Destiny lab
 3  14.02.2001  T. Jones  5h 25m
Attaching a spar communications antenna to the Space Station's exterior and to release a cooling radiator on the station
 4  12.12.2006  C. Fuglesang  6h 36m
Align and connect the P5 truss segment to P4
 5  14.12.2006  C. Fuglesang  5h 00m
Reconfigure power on channels 2 and 3 of the station's electrical system
 6  16.12.2006  S. Williams  7h 31m
Reconfigure power on channels 1 and 4 of the station's electrical system
 7  18.12.2006  C. Fuglesang  6h 38m
Fully retract the array

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