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Joseph Michael Acaba

 Total EVAs:  3
 Total EVA time:  19h 46m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  21.03.2009  S. Swanson  6h 30m
First task was to prepare a worksite for new batteries that will be brought up on the STS-127 mission. They also installed a Global Positioning System antenna on the pressurized logistics module attached to the Kibo laboratory.
 2  23.03.2009  R. Arnold  6h 27m
Moving one of the station's two Crew and Equipment and Translation Aid - or CETA - carts. With that work done, one of the carts was moved back to the station's port side, leaving a cart for use on either side of the truss.
 3  20.10.2017  R. Bresnik  6h 49m
The spacewalkers devoted their work again to lubricating the newly installed end effector and replacing cameras.