Cancelled Spaceflights



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Planning data

Launch date (planned):  March 1985


No.   Surname Given names Position
1  Bobko  Karol Joseph "Bo"  CDR
2  Williams  Donald Edward  PLT
3  Seddon  Margaret Rhea  MSP
4  Griggs  Stanley David  MSP
5  Hoffman  Jeffrey Alan  MSP
6  Baudry  Patrick Pierre Roger  PSP
7  Garn  Edwin Jacob "Jake"  PSP

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alternate crew photo

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Backup Crew

No.   Surname Given names Position
   Chrétien  Jean-Loup Jacques Marie  PSP

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Mission objectives

Planned TDRS/IUS deployment shuttle mission. Cancelled due to IUS failure. The STS-51E crew was assigned on August 03, 1984 including one Payload Specialist: Patrick Baudry and his backup Jean-Loup Chrétien. In January 1985 U.S. senator Jake Garn had been added to the crew. So a new portrait and patch had to be made.

Photos / Drawings



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