X-15 flights


Flight No. 191


X-15 patch

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Launch and landing data

Launch date:  15.11.1967
Launch time:  18:30 UTC (from B-52)
Altitude:  81.1 km
Landing date:  15.11.1967
Landing time:  18:34 UTC
max. speed:  5.744 km/h


No.   Surname Given names Position Duration
1  Adams  Michael James "Mike"  Pilot 4m 51,4sec 

Crew seating arrangement

1  Adams


All X-15 pilots who reached an altitude of more than 80 kilometers or 50 miles earned the astronaut wings; Michael Adams died in the landing crash. For details including more photos see http://www.mach25media.com/adams2.html.

Graphics / Photos

Michael Adams was killed in the only fatality of the X-15 program on 15 November 1967. X-15 no. 3 went into a hypersonic spin after Adams mistakenly turned the X-15 backward along its flight path before re-entry. Although it appears, he briefly regained co
The wreckage of the forward fuselage of X-15 no. 3 after crash that killed pilot Michael Adams on 15 November 1967. NASA and US Air Force personnel examine the remains in order to determine the cause of the tragedy. X-15 pilot Milt Thompson can be seen in A fire truck is parked near the remains of the X-15 no. 3 forward fuselage on 15 November 1967.


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